WB 2500

WB 2700

With 2700 cycles per hour WB 2700 is a 7-clamp perfect binder. It is ideal for production jobs where quality of the highest degree is desired. The machine is equipped with capability to adapt for PUR binding.

Salient Features

  • 7 book clamps operating in an oval shaped path, where the spine is in parallel to the crucial binding station.
  • Centralised book clamps settings, with variable pressure (Pneumatic/mechanical).
  • Variable speeds of operation from 300 to 2700 books per hour.
  • Continuous flow of clamps with “No book – No cover” system.
  • Milling station with combination milling knife having notching and brush assembly. The no. of Notching in the spine can be varied by adding or removing Notching tools.
  • Minimum 2 & Maximum 12 Notch tools. Brush assembly is provided for dust removal on notches.
  • Efficient dust and fume extractor. The milling dust is collected in bag or alternatively, it can be extend to dust room.
  • Easily removable gluing station for cleaning and maintenance.
  • PUR Nozzle applicator with heated hose for continuous and short run jobs.
  • Separate side gluing station with horizontal discs.
  • In-built EVA Pre-melt tank (of 25kg capacity) for spine glue.
  • Automatic, cover feeder with on-line creasing attachment. The gaps between all four creases are adjustable.
  • Double cover detection.
  • Cam operated cover station which can handle high speeds with accurate cover registration.
  • Two Pre-melt tanks of 2 KGs each, are provided. One for EVA and the other for PUR. If required, both tanks can be used for PUR with the same nozzle applicator.
  • Gluing Options: Specially coated melter and applicators for PUR binding with Alta Pail ™ melting system and EP48 slot die from Nordson™.
  • Smooth Down hill delivery facility provided, to ensure that the book spine is damage-free.
  • Vertical stacker with jam detector.
  • Safety covers; built in safety system with emergency stops; indicators for temperature and speed.
  • User friendly, Complete Touch Screen operations.

Technical Data

Mechanical Speed 2700 Cycles / Hour
Spine Length (Max) 440mm
Spine Length (Min) 110mm
Book Width (Max) 310mm
Book Width (Min) 110mm
Book Thickness 3-50mm
No of Clamps/Stations 7 Clamps
Clamp Opening Width 0-85mm
Cover Size (Min) 210 (100-10-100) x 150mm
Cover Size (Max) 680 (315-50-315) x 440mm
Power 15HP/415V/3Phase/50Hz (Including heater)
Air Supply Requirement 10 cfm at 8bar
GSM of Body Paper 60-170 GSM
GSM of Cover Paper 80-350 GSM

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