Trident E 20

Trident E 20

Superior quality trimming that makes your binding perfect.

Trident Advantage

  • High grade cast iron construction.
  • Stringent safety norms, zero-zero braking.
  • PLC based control and diagonostics.

Salient Features

  • High grade cast iron structures, engineered for maximum rigidity and durability are used for the main frames.
  • Incorporating latest safety standards.
  • PLC based control system with diagnostics.
  • Zero-zero braking system in case of power failure.
  • Drive with electromagnetic clutch-brake system.
  • Quick return of tong (clamp) to save cycle time.
  • Swing and dip action of all three knives against cutting sticks.
  • Superior trimming technology guarantees precision, precise, ripple free cut.

Technical Data

Speed 20 cycles per minute
Max book size 440 x 300 mm
Min book size 80 x 70 mm
Max pile height 100 mm
Hydraulics Clamp pressure – 60 Kg
Ram pressure – 2500 Kg
Electric supply 400-415 V, 3 phase 50 Hz
Power consumption 10 Hp

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