Modular signature gathering machine with optional side stitching. Expandable from 8 to 24 stations.

Salient Features

  • Sturdy design incorporating latest safety features.
  • PLC controlled system; Operations through touch screen panel.
  • Offline gathering - Base model of 8 stations with delivery unit, expandable up to 24 stations.
  • Manual feed station – In case the number of signatures on a particular job is more than the number of gathering stations, the remaining gathered signatures can be fed into the manual feed station
  • Suction and gripper type of separation and pulling of signatures from the feed stations
  • Error detection protocols provided:
    • 1. Missing signature detection through optical sensors
    • 2. Multiple signature detection - Operator adjustable through electro-mechanical caliper
    • 3. Low pile level detection through proximity sensor
    • 4. Signatures misaligned either due to improper gathering or while transmission will also be detected
  • Capable of handling wide range of paper stock
  • Can handle signatures of number of pages in any combinations
  • Vertical zigzag delivery
  • Optional side stitching
  • Optional Signature Recognition System

Technical Data

Signature dimensions
Maximum 370 mm x 300 mm
Minimum 100 mm x 140 mm
Maximum pile height 250 mm
Maximum mechanical speed 5000 cycles per hour
Maximum output with stitching 3500 books per hour
Book thickness 3 mm to 18 mm
Distance between stitches 70 mm to 100 mm
Power 7.5 HP
Electric supply 400-415 V, 3 Phase 50 Hz
Air supply requirement 14 cfm at 8 bar per module

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