WB 2000

WB 2500

The world's largest selling model of perfect binder.

WB 2500 Advantage

High quality bindings with the help of three roller glue application and seperate side gluing. Easy adjust book damps with position indicators Rugged construction for long life.

Multi-clamp perfect binder with six book clamps.

Salient Features

  • Specially designed to handle oblong books
  • Calibrated book clamps with thickness indicators; single knob adjustments. Easy job change over
  • Variable speed of operation
  • Continuous flow of clamps to the need-in station with “No book-No Cover” system
  • Special type milling cutter which removes paper in “strips” form (Which has commercial value) and avoids generation of paper dust
  • Three roller gluing system with reverse spinner; calibrated head & tail end cut-offs to avoid adhesive squeeze out.
  • Separate side gluing station with tank & gluing discs. A thin & even layer of glue is spread along the side adding value to the book finish.
  • Automatic, pile type cover feeder with one-line creasing attachment. (Optional feeder tray for manual feeding of gatefold covers)
  • Pre-pasting station and moving type cover nipping station which can handle high speeds with accurate cover registration
  • Chute delivery system. (Optional conveyor delivery system)
  • Safety covers; built in safety systems with emergency stops; indicators for temperature, speed
  • Hot Melt Adhesive Pre-melt tank (25 Kgs. Capacity)

Technical Data

WB 2500 OB WB 2500
Maximum book size 440 mm x 300 mm 440 mm x 230 mm
Minimum book size 150 mm x 100 mm 150 mm x 100 mm
Spine thickness up to 50 mm 3 - 50 mm
Cover size max 440 mm x 650 mm 440 mm x 510 mm
Cover size min 150 mm x 220 mm 150 mm x 220 mm
Mechanical Speed 2500 books per hour 2500 books per hour
Electrical Motors 9 HP, Heaters 2.25 KW 9 HP, Heaters 2.25 KW
Electric Supply 400-415 V, 3 phase 50 Hz 400-415 V, 3 phase 50 Hz

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