Stitchwel Colt

Stitchwel Colt

Stitchwel colt, the modular saddle stitcher is ideal entry level saddle stitching system to produce superior quality centre stitched books. It occupies minimum space and is equipped with an online three knife trimmer which trims one book at a time to produce perfectly square books every time.

Salient Features

  • Gathered signatures are fed on a conveyor which takes them for stitching. Two feeding station are provide which can be used simultaneously.
  • Stitching head from Hohner ®, Germany. Two stitching heads provided, as standard. (Optionally loop stitch heads are available).
  • Gap between the stitching heads can be adjusted according to different book sizes.
  • Both stagger and straight stitching possible. In case there is no signature under the stitching head it is sensed and the stitching head will not be activated.
  • Easy machine setup.
  • Compatible with in-line trimmer and feeder extensions
  • Rugged construction
  • Optional 4 head stitching
  • Book can be deflected after stitching for offline trimming


  • Double clamping on first cut where one set of clamps flattens the book and hold it against the stops. While these auxiliary clamps hold the book, the master clamp behind the front knife clamps it, assuring a square front trim.
  • Each knife has its own build-in clamp, which actuates prior to trimming.
  • Head and tail knife gauges are automatically set when adjusting gauges for front trim.
  • Delivery belt speed is synchronized with machine speed for uniform steam of output.
  • Online trimming – Trims one book at a time for superior quality.

Technical Data

Maximum Book size 260 x 380 mm
Minimum Book size 109 x 175 mm
Book Thickness Upto 10 mm
Mechanical speed 5000 Cycles per hour
Power Stitcher - 1 Hp, Trimmer - 2 Hp

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