Stitchwel LPZ

Stitchwel LPZ

Automatic signature gathering, cover feeding, center stitching, trimming and batch staking machine.

Signature feeding

The proven or gripper pick up system is improved to handle difficult signatures. Sequential stat up of feeders prevents wastage of books. Signature sensors will detect missing signatures, if any. Two types of feeding stations are available.

  • a) Pile feeder-Signatures are piled/stacked here. They are picked, opened and fed into the conveyor.
  • b) Folder feeder-Using a unique folding mechanism, signatures are folded and fed to conveyor (Highly useful in the case of signatures printed in webs with limited folding capability)

Short set up time. Dedicate vacuum pumps provided for pair of feeders to ensure the reliability of signature picking and opening.

Cover feeding

The folding mechanism ensures accurate folding and creasing of covers. The covers are accurately registered, folded and fed into the conveyor, over the gathered signatures. Misalignment of any signatures or with cover will be detected and rejected.

Thickness caliper

Before stitching the gathered signatures along with the cover passes, through a thickness caliper which is an electro-mechanical device which acts as a comparator to check the completeness of the book. In case of incomplete book sensed by this unit, stitching of this book is automatically put off and the book is rejected before trimming.

Stitching station

Stitching saddle assembly reciprocate back and forth moving along with the book for stitching “on the run”: A signature length inspector and wire monitor is provided. As a standard feature, two stitching heads (honor) are used for standard 14mm staples. The wire pitch is adjustable. Wire loop stitch option is available. Automatic on-Off of the heads ensure that the signatures to be rejected are not stitched. Defective and incomplete copies are diverted into the rejection tray. The rest are forwarded to the three knife trimmer.


The front edge of the booklet is trimmed first and then the sides, resulting in superior trim quality. The trimmer can be adjusted on the fly. Stitchwell is equipped with a stream delivery as standard equipment. Optional batch stacker are available.

Technical Data

Mechanical speed Min 2000 Books per hour
Max 10000 book per hour
Signature Size Min 200 x 125 mm
Max 400 x 280 mm
Trimmed Size Min 195 x 120 mm
Max 395 x 275 mm
Power 25 Hp (for 6 feeders, 2 Cover feeders, Snitcher and Trimmer)
Electrical Supply 400-415 V, 3 Phase, 50Hz
Air Requirement 8 Bar, 45CFM

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